Toddler Program

16 months – 30 months

Once children begin to walk, it changes everything! 

Toddlers are so full of energy and want to learn about everything and everyone around them.  That is why at Noah’s Ark your toddler’s day is packed with opportunities to explore, create, and imagine!  Our daily schedule reflects the active child by moving to different areas and activities such as circle time, gym time, outside play, free play, music time, daily lesson, story time, and group activities such as singing and exercising.  

At circle time and lesson, your toddler will get a chance to learn basic colors, shapes, letters, numbers and listen to stories.  During free play, your child will develop friendships through guided sharing and listening activities. 

Outside play, group activities and gym time will allow your child to develop their eye-hand coordination and large motor skills. 

Our caring and loving staff will communicate with you through a daily account of your toddler’s day which includes diapering, feeding, sleeping and daily activities. 

We would love to have you come tour our toddler room!

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