Transition Program

30 months – Age 3

Since our change of classes occurs in August of each year, we have a special group of children whose birthdays make them too old to be with our Toddler class and yet too young to be in our Preschool class.  Our Transition class is for children ages 2 ½  whose 3rd birthday comes after August 1st. 

Our focus in the Transition class is to continue with the skills learned in our Toddler room, add a step up in all areas of learning, and to master potty trainingJ  Our Transition teachers work closely with you and your child to complete the potty training process.  Also at this age, your child is beginning to take a more active role in the world around them by asking lots of questions and making new discoveries daily. 

Noah’s Ark will encourage this curiosity through praise, storytelling, creative arts, dramatic play and block building.  In addition to daily  communication with your child’s teacher, you will receive monthly progress reports about your child’s growth and learning.  At Noah’s Ark, we are excited to provide your transition child with fun and challenging activities! 

Come and tour our Transition Class today!

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